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Based in Florida,we serve the entire state, neighboring states such as Georgia, South Carolina, & North Carolina, & are available nationwide

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At Florida Air Designs, Inc., our objective is to use the application of technology and a specialized, focused approach to the industry to make the process easier for our customers every time we're involved. 

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Using ACCA Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D methods in partnership with Wrightsoft Software, we provide you with accurate computerized calculations. Manual N and Ashrae procedures are used for the commercial load calculations which are also computerized using Wrightsoft Software. We use Energy Gauge® software that calculates compliance with Florida Building Code – Energy Conservation and the U.S. Department of Energy's REScheck & COMcheck, for residential and commercial buildings. These are the standard methods for computing cooling and heating loads throughout the United States and Florida. We can receive files into AUTO CAD and HVAC layouts can then be exported directly onto the CAD files.

Home Energy Ratings: Class 2 & 3 Residential Rater

Home Energy Rating Systems provide a standardized evaluation of a home's energy efficiency and expected energy costs. A home energy rating can qualify a home owner or home buyer for an energy efficient mortgage (EEM) or an energy improvement mortgage (EIM). An energy rating can maximize the value of the largest single investment most home owners are likely to make in their entire lifetime. Visit Florida Solar Energy Center‘s website for more information on Home Energy Ratings.

Florida Energy Code Compliance (Energy Calculations)

Energy calculations determine whether the structure complies with the State’s Energy Code Requirements. Procedures are based on State of Florida Energy Code Program. This applies to both Residential and Commercial HVAC design.

Manual J & Manual N Load Calculations

We offer calculations that determine the right size equipment for your building. Oversized equipment can cause reduced comfort and excessive “air” noise as the oversized unit forces air through your duct system more quickly. This will also shorten the life of the equipment by causing it to cycle on and off more frequently than a properly-sized unit. Comparatively, undersized equipment with airflow that is too low can cause distribution efficiency drops and accelerated wear on system components, leading to earlier failure.

  • Residential Manual J: Load calculation which determines the size of tonnage needed to proper cool the structure. Procedures are based on ACCA Manual J 8th edition version two and completed ROOM by ROOM in actual orientation of structure.
  • Commercial Manual N: Load calculation which determines the size of tonnage needed to proper cool the structure.  Procedures are based on ACCA Manual N and AHSRAE Fundamentals Handbook completed ROOM by ROOM in actual orientation of structure.

HVAC System Design

Quality HVAC system design is the foundation for a professional installation. Procedures are based on ACCA Manual D & Q and ASHRAE Standards.