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Florida building code energy efficiency changes affect HVAC system design requirements

Florida Building Code and Florida Energy Code were made 15% more stringent per Govern Crist.  Go to Florida Department of Community affairs to read about the changes.

2009 Supplements to 2007 Florida Building Code

Energy Code Update

Florida Building Code supplements took effect on March 1, 2009.    These changes have affected structural requirements of the envelope and how hvac equipment is selected. 

Minimum HVAC efficiency for most situations will be 13 SEER. You may have been told that a higher SEER will be the only way to pass the energy code – but improvements on the envelope and structure will not only pass the energy code but, help keep your equipment size and cost down!

Equipment Sizing and Cooling Equipment Capacity procedures WILL CHANGE how HVAC equipment is also selected. In addition, manufacturer’s performance data is required at permitting. Rule of thumb and law of average sizing methods can lead to inadequate cooling or dehumidification (MOLD) issues, energy inefficiency, and shortened equipment life.

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